bioMérieux Culture Media : educational tool to help identify species and show specimen protocols. bioMérieux, world leader in microbiology, helps you identify bacterial species on culture media. Features the CHROMID® chromogenic media range including bi-plates and conventional PPM (pre-plated media).

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Incubation : 18 hours
S. agalactiae ATCC®* 12386
S. agalactiaeS. agalactiae
S. agalactiae
18 hours
S. agalactiae ATCC®* 12386
• Blood culture
• Bronchoalveolar lavage
• Cerebro Spinal Fluid
• Endotracheal Aspiration
• Fecal specimen
• Genital specimen
• Screening swab
• Sputum
• Upper respiratory swab
• Urine
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